Accounts Payable: PO/Invoice Inquiry

This search is used when you know the University's purchase order number or the combination of purchase order number and the vendor's invoice number and you wish to obtain details about the status of payment on the PO/Invoice.

How to use this screen:

  1. If you know the PO number only, enter the PO number below. This will return all invoices received and processed under this PO and the status of our payment on these invoices.
  2. If you know both the PO and the invoice number, enter both below. This will return payment information for the specific invoice entered.
  3. If you know the invoice number only, enter the invoice number below. This will return payment information for the specified invoice entered.

Please note that online data is available for any invoice entered within the last year. For information on invoices entered prior to this, please contact our accounts payable department.

The data is current as of the prior business day.

University PO Number (4 to 8 digits):
Vendor Invoice Number:

Further Assistance Necessary? Contact Indiana University Accounts Payable area with questions related to payment transactions.

  • Purchase Order payment and credit inquiries
  • Include the Purchase Order number in communication to facilitate research and resolution

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