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Accounts Payable Inquiry

Welcome to Indiana University's Accounts Payable Customer Information Program.

Accounts Payable information is best accessed using your Jaggaer supplier portal. Review the Track Status of Payment Guide to learn how to locate payment information in Jaggaer.

These tools have been designed to help suppliers who do not have access to their Jaggaer portal.

  • PO/Invoice Inquiry: Use this search when you wish to obtain details about the status of payment on a purchase order (PO) or invoice. Requires the PO number or the PO number and supplier invoice number combination that you wish to research. Enter PO number with PO and no space, like PO1234567.
  • Disbursement Number Inquiry: Use this search to retrieve additional information concerning a payment you received from IU. Requires the check, ACH/Direct Deposit, or PaymentPlus transfer number.

Need further assistance? Contact IU Accounts Payable team using the Support Form.